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Speirs Finance is all about supporting businesses to grow and achieve success. It’s this simple philosophy combined with an innovative approach to providing finance that drives us.

Ultimately it’s all about what CUSTOMERS want… we are a specialist Equipment Financier, for small to medium sized businesses, who want to bring back "people dealing with people" to the finance industry. We know business and understand equipment. Through our nationwide Network of Accredited Agents, we will work with you to structure finance appropriately to match your intended use of it, while keeping monthly payments affordable.

In a World that’s become more about “ticking boxes” we want to get back to how business used to be done – people talking to people and being straight up.

So when it comes to financing your assets and managing your cash flow, you can rely on us to keep it real...

Local finance agents

Real understanding

Our Agents are people like you who understand the rigours of running a business. They won’t un-necessarily demand the world from you in the way of forms and reports.


Nationwide Finance Agents

Real convenience

We have coverage Nationwide so our Agents are able to come and see you.


financial professionals

Real expertise

They have the experience to understand your situation and structure your finance to work for you.


Equipment Financier

Real consistency

People who are there for the long haul and are interested in building a long term partnership with you to get to know you and your business so you don’t need to keep explaining yourself.


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Real value

Someone who can help you de-mystify what is needed to organise finance for you so you can get on with doing what you’re good at.


Business finance support



“Speirs Finance” is well known and respected in the history of the New Zealand Asset Finance sector. It’s a trusted brand whose past success was underpinned by a departure from employed sales staff to highly motivated and experienced self-employed Finance Professionals as Agents for the business.

Speirs Agents “Kept it Real” and earned a solid reputation through honest graft; providing second to none asset finance support to business owners and individuals alike. After operating for more than 30 years, the business was sold by its owners, Speirs Group Limited, in September 2008.

The brand was successfully re-established in February 2014 by its original owners and a top tier New Zealand private equity partner, Maui Capital who focus on Partnering with successful operators to build and grow successful businesses. 

Since this time, Maui Capital have partnered with two other significant Private Equity firms to broaden its interest in equipment and finance related entities and Speirs Finance is now a trading division of L & F Limited, a Specialist Equipment Finance business.

NZ Asset Finance industry

The goal of Speirs Finance is to build on the track record of the original Speirs business and to create a new benchmark in the NZ Asset Finance industry, providing good old fashioned localised service that delivers the assets you want when you need them and structured to recognise asset useful life while being sensitive to cashflow.

A healthy appetite exists to help our customers with finance for a broad range of motor vehicles (from cars to heavy commercial vehicles), mobile and fixed plant, and business equipment…for more detail you can check out what we can finance for you.

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Speirs Finance Team



Because KEEPING IT REAL is so important to our customers and us, we have established a nationwide network of experienced and self-employed Asset Finance professionals. They can help you make sound decisions when funding assets, which makes good sense from a business and cash flow perspective.

Our Agents are...

  • REAL people you can relate to – people like you who understand the rigours and stresses of running a business. People with empathy and understanding.

  • REAL people you can talk to – who will make themselves available, who live in your community and can come and see you.

  • REAL people with industry experience to give you relevant advice that you will appreciate.

  • REAL people who talk straight and won’t un-necessarily demand the world from you by way of reports.

  • REAL people who are there for the long haul and are interested in building a long term partnership with you to get to know you and your business so you don’t need to keep explaining yourself.