Because KEEPING IT REAL is so important to our customers and us, we have established a nationwide network of experienced and self-employed Asset Finance professionals. They can help you make sound decisions when funding assets, which makes good sense from a business and cash flow perspective.

Our Agents are...

  • REAL people you can relate to – people like you who understand the rigours and stresses of running a business. People with empathy and understanding.

  • REAL people you can talk to – who will make themselves available, who live in your community and can come and see you.

  • REAL people with industry experience to give you relevant advice that you will appreciate.

  • REAL people who talk straight and won’t un-necessarily demand the world from you by way of reports.

  • REAL people who are there for the long haul and are interested in building a long term partnership with you to get to know you and your business so you don’t need to keep explaining yourself.