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We offer annual interest rates for Consumer Lending ranging from 10.95% p.a. to 15.95% p.a. 

An additional 5% p.a. to your actual interest rate may be imposed under the contract in the event of a default in payment or the credit limit being exceeded  (if that 5% default rate was included in the rates above, in a default situation, this would increase the annual interest rate rage to 15.95% to 20.95%).   

The annual interest rate applied will be dependent on a number of circumstances, which take into account: 

  • The length of the term you choose and can afford
  • How much you would like to borrow
  • What the loan is required for
  • The type of security
  • Your personal circumstances with regard to financial obligations
  • Your personal credit history
  • Whether you are in default or not

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